Eagle River Wachtelhunds

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            Our next litter will be in May 2009 by Bell Vom Flint Hills Wachtelhunds, a second generation Wachtel from Eagle River Wachtelhunds, and Quito vom Morretal  who is owned by Chris van Damme.  This will be our L litter. 

            Eagle River Wachtelhunds had one litter from Bell Vom Flint Hills Wachtelhunds and Duke Von Der Balthasarley in June 2006, May 2007 and one from Quito vom Morretal in May 2008 producing fourteen pups.  Four litters were bred by Nixe Vom Nahetal and Whischo Vom Steinacker in  1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998, while I was living in Alaska.  The 1995 litter produced seven Wachtelhund pups.  The 1996 litter produced nine Wachtel pups, another eight in 97, and nine in 98 for a total of thirty-three Wachtelhund pups.  In keeping with the German Wachtelhund Club mandate, the 95 litter pups were named beginning with E for Eagle River.  Subsequent litters were "F", "G" and "H".

 All but five Eagle River Wachtelhunds are currently living.  Three died of natural causes and two from unnatural causes.  One owner who lost a Wachtelhund pup through unnatural causes purchased a second Wachtelhund pup from my next litter.  The owner of the Wachtelhund that died of natural causes purchased a third generation Wachtelhund pup from Nixe Vom Nahetal and Whischo Vom Steinacker, from Kraig Glazier Last Chance Wachtelhunds.

Three Wachtelhund litters were bred with semen from one of our Wachtelhunds, Pulas Vom Pohlitz; one by Chad Richardson Flint Hills Wachtelhunds in 2004, and two by Kraig Glazier Last Chance Wachtelhunds in 2005 and 2006. 

In the future, we will be breeding Kelly Vom Eagle River, a third generation Wachtelhund from our original pair.