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         I first learned of the Deutscher Wachtelhund while living in Germany from 1988 to 1993.  I obtained a German Jagdschein (hunting license) in early 1988 and have kept it renewed since then.  During my five years in Germany, I hunted behind numerous German hunting breeds, but the Wachtelhund struck my fancy because of its hunting passion and friendliness.  I purchased my first Wachtelhund in 1991 and brought a pair of them to Alaska in 1993.

While in Alaska, I bred my Wachtelhunds between 1995 and 1998, selling  33 Wachtelhund pups from four litters.  I have been promoting the Deutscher Wachtelhund in North America since 1995.  I have translated and written roughly fifty percent, or more of all information currently printed in English on the Deutscher Wachtelhund.                 

In 1995, I translated my first VDW document and provided copies to all Wachtelhund buyers in North America.  It was titled, “Desired Information for the Wachtelhund Buyer.”  I mailed this document to hundreds of people interested in the Deutscher Wachtelhund from 1995 to 2000 . 

In 2001, I corrected some translation errors and more correctly re-titled it, “Verein for Deutsche Wachtelhund Training and Breeding Information ,” which is part of this web site.

In 1995, I worked with Gary Gerhrman, of Ontario, Canada; to get the United Kennel Club (UKC) to recognize the Deutscher Wachtelhund.  Actually, Gary had done most of the ground work with the UKC.  I talked with Cindy Cook from the UKC several times while they were trying to decide which dog breeds to recognize in 1996.  The UKC has a policy to recognize twenty new breeds each year.  In January 1996, the UKC started registering Wachtelhunds.  That January, I was the first to register nine Wachtelhunds with the UKC, my initial pair and seven pups. 

Like Gary, I was disappointed when the UKC registered them as German Spaniels.  The Germans do not consider the Wachtelhund a Spaniel and actually classify the Wachtelhund separate from all the other flushing (Spaniel) breeds.  During 1996, I corresponded with Cindy Cook (UKC) numerous times and sent the UKC German books on Hunting Dog Breeds to show the various classifications.  The UKC later agreed to register them as Deutscher Wachtelhunds.       

In 2000, I provided VersatileDogs.com with their Deutscher Wachtelhund description.  In 2002, at the request of Fancy Publications, Inc; I wrote another Deutscher Wachtelhund description for their published Dog Bible.  I have provided Wachtelhund descriptions to numerous pet web sites.

In 2002, I translated the Deutscher Wachtelhund breed description and standards from Heinrich Hecker’s book, “Der Deutsche Wachtelhund” and began a two year process, again working with Cindy Cook, to get the UKC to publish the Deutscher Wachtelhund Breed Standard.  The UKC did so in 2004.

In 2000, I visited Germany to attend a Wachtelhund field trial, meeting Eberhard and Lutz Morgenstern.  They are Wachtelhund judges for the German State of Sachsen.  Lutz gave me his personal book and notes from his Wachtelhund Formwertricher (Conformation Judge) School and the VDW Hunt Measurement Rules and Judging Book.  Much of this information has been incorporated into this web site.  Wachtelhund information from this web site and Desired Information for the Wachtelhund Buyer have been used by numerous people and media, some with my permission and a lot with out.  Nobert Sammer and Kraig Glazier have used some of my information for their Wachtelhund web sites with my permission.  Chad Richardson, with my permission, used some of my information to write his GunDog article on the Deutscher Wachtelhund earlier this year.

In 2001, I returned to Germany to hunt Russian boar and Red deer in Sachsen (East Germany) with the Morgensterns.  I also hunted Roe deer in Rhineland Phaltz (West Germany) with my long time friend Hans Bader.  Hans taught me how to train my first Wachtelhund.  Hans Bader is a retired policeman and has had a hunting lease in Germany for nearly twenty-five years.  He has trained numerous hunting and K-9 police dogs.  He has won several first place and numerous other trophies with his K-9 dogs in international competition.

In 2004, I again returned to Germany to hunt with Hans Bader and pick up a male Wachtelhund pup.

I currently have three Wachtelhunds; a nine year old male, a 5 year old female and a one year old female.  I co-own a male Wachtelhund with Kraig Glazier and a female with Chuck Bowen, both have been used for breeding.  I've imported over 40 Wachtelhund pups, some have already been bred other will be bred in the future.

In 2004,  I started working with the VDW to establish a Wachtelhund club in North America.  In 2006, we incorporated the Deutscher Wachtelhund North America, Inc (DWNA) Club in Wisconsin.  The DWNA started taking memberships in January 2008.  By 2009 we had 30 plus members and 6 kennels registered.


Dave Pepe

December, 2009

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